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Automation is a popular topic of conversation because it has a clear benefit for almost every business irrespective of industry. However, it can be difficult to know where to start because there frequently isn’t a clear path to understanding how automation can help your business specifically.  

There are always unique components to an organization’s operations, so it’s critical that you partner with experts who are willing to delve deep into your organization’s processes to fully understand how they’ve grown and work together.  

Why Are You Even Thinking about Automating Your Business? 

Lost productivity

Your Employees are your greatest asset, and automation allows them to focus their efforts on growing the business rather than keeping the lights on.

Costs cutting into Profit Margin

Automation streamlines complex business workflows to reduce administrative overhead.

Operational Risks are Persistent

The right automation tool eliminates human error, minimizing operational risks in the process. 

Operations and Supply Chains are Fragile

Automation tools enable organizations to pivot quickly when issues arise in operations that require quick resolution. 

Business isn’t Scaling

By minimizing hands-on management of tasks, automated business workflows allow organizations to scale more quickly. Unclear How Processes Work: When processes are optimized and automated, they can be reviewed quickly from a single source of truth by every business leader at any time. 

Transform Your Business With Process Optimization

Any process optimization effort needs to be rooted in a deep understanding of the workflows that underpin existing processes. Utilizing a proven, iterative process to do so will uncover which key opportunities yield the largest return. Leaders will be given a roadmap to guide their efforts across the entire organization or business unit. When coupled with decades of process optimization experience and deep technical expertise, automating business processes is truly transformational. This is where Hammer Dev delivers.  

Here’s a break down of the process: 

Visioning Workshop

We’ll speak with leaders across the organization and ensure everyone’s aligned on the key goals and guardrails of the automation program. We’ll also explore the targeted business outcomes that should be expected to measure the success of an organization’s automation initiative. Finally, we’ll also explore what key areas leadership sees as opportunities for automation. 

Interviews with Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts

We’ll speak with front-line stakeholders to identify use cases for automation tools and validate they align with stated business objectives. Further, we would look at what key parts of organizational workflows would be ideal for solutions that would simplify, eliminate, automate, or minimize obstacles. Once a process is identified, we seek to become intimately aware of every step of the process so we can ensure any recommended automation approach fits the workflow like a glove.

Ideation Workshop

Following the completion of the stakeholder interviews, the Hammer Dev team analyzes the data we’ve collected and generates a process blueprint aimed at boosting the effectiveness of end-to-end processes.

Prioritization Exercise 

With a blueprint developed for each process, we then turn to prioritizing each one based on the impact it will have on stated business goals. This includes evaluating the complexity of each proposed solution, its risk, the value it’s likely to deliver, the ROI to the business, and laying out a timeline based on the impact these individual pieces will have on the business’s operations. All of this information gets integrated into a roadmap that enables business leaders to see how the strategy works to remediate all foundational issues while maintaining the integrity of the overall process ecosystem.

 The transformative benefits of automation are clear, but to capitalize you must start with a thorough upfront process.   

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