Starting Your AI Journey with Copilot

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In a world where creativity fuels productivity, the relentless management of emails, meetings, data, and notifications threatens innovation, as work hours expand and precious minutes dwindle. That’s why generative AI represents an enormous opportunity for business leaders interested in establishing a more productive way of working. Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 apps your employees use every day, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to existing workflows.

While leveraging Copilot is both minimally disruptive and very affordable, it would be a mistake to jump in with both feet before evaluating your organization’s readiness across a few key areas:

  • Technology, Security & Governance – Do your data privacy and governance policies align with Microsoft’s latest guidelines? Is your M365 environment operating in alignment with best practices? Missing checkboxes here could quickly put your organization in a world of hurt.
  • Data – Is your data ready for AI to take advantage of it? If not, you could have a “garbage in, garbage out” scenario. Check out our recent blog for more on this topic.
  • Business Strategy – Does your company know how it plans to leverage AI specifically? Are your users educated on how to adopt AI? How can you ensure that your investment will yield the maximum return?

 As your Microsoft partner, Weidenhammer offers you an integrated team of specialists to help you maximize the value of Copilot, while minimizing security and data risk. In 30 days, we will deliver a roadmap for AI-ready opportunities in the organization, optimizing your data, and critical security and governance steps. We will also deliver two Copilot proof-of-concepts. We are calling this our Copilot Preflight offering, and you can read more about it here.

Hammer Dev, a division of Weidenhammer, provides the workflow, data and software engineers specific to AI and other cloud-based solutions. Hammer Tech, our sister band, cover M65 infrastructure, security and licensing. It’s a combination that, for 46 years, has guided thousands of clients through their digital transformation—and we can do the same for you. Copilot is already helping businesses push past boundaries and reimagine their future. Let’s make sure your organization is ready to leverage AI’s full potential.