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Hammer Dev is a division of Weidenhammer, a nationally recognized leader in digital transformation. Based in southeastern Pennsylvania, Hammer Dev engages a team of experts to leverage existing solutions or build custom new solutions to best benefit your organization’s needs. Our diversity of knowledge and experience helps us make the most of current applications and integrations, such as robotic process automation, business intelligence, and more. We look for options that are intuitive, functional, and innovative — all the while keeping your business competitive and profitable.

With more than 45 years in business, we’ve learned important lessons along the way. We believe in driving measurable results. We believe in agility being the key to innovation. We believe in partnerships and collaboration. We believe in operational excellence leading to workforce productivity. And we believe in being people-first.

That means when we’re thinking about design, marketing, development, or strategy, we’re thinking about all of your people – internal and external. We know how to solve complex problems through customization, and we understand how to make it easy for your team to hit the ground running.

We support our clients by offering expertise and solutions that span key digital transformation areas:

That’s what makes Weidenhmmer a nationally recognized digital consulting firm – because we think about all aspects of your business to lead you to success.