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It is being suggested that employers with more than 100 workers should be maintaining and tracking employee COVID immunization status. This can put a new strain on HR departments and others, who have to make sure that the company and all of its employees are staying compliant. This also requires data storage and quick access of sensitive information that must stay in compliance with HIPAA.

To help you out, we have created an instructional manual to build a Vaccination Tracker using the applications and tools that you are probably already paying for in your Office/Microsoft 365 subscription. This instruction guide is not a substitute for due diligence and does not warrant any guarantees of compliance. This guide is a step-by-step process of how to leverage several different tools to build a comprehensive solution to help your business. You will be using Microsoft Forms and MS Teams enabled Office 365 Group with a team SharePoint site. We will also use Power Automate to create a workflow to manage the process using Approvals in either an Email or MS Teams.

This is a beginner’s guide but is suited to all experience levels. Following this guide is easily accomplished within the scope of an app-in-a-day. It will also give you some Pro Tips where applicable, if you want to up the power of your application. Best of luck and happy coding!

Weidenhammer is providing the information in this document free-of-charge. Weidenhammer is not providing any solution or software available for download or sale in this document, and thus Weidenhammer is not gaining any access to your confidential company data or employee personally identifiable information (PII). Following these instructions or making decisions based on them does not constitute a direct business relationship with Weidenhammer.

Anyone following these instructions assumes full responsibility for the solution, including any and all liability, you are responsible for performing appropriate due diligence related to applicable state, federal, and HIPAA regulations related to implementation of any solution.

This information reflects a solution which worked for Weidenhammer. Weidenhammer does not assure that this solution will work in your environment, nor do we assure that this solution will be compliant with applicable state, federal, or HIPAA regulations or meet your specific requirements.

Vax Trax Instruction Manual