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Gone are the days where data lived only in physical servers and we had to manually make inferences about business trends based on what we physically could access. Now, we can take data from all your disparate data sources and merge it into a single consolidated data source, thanks to solutions like Azure, SQL, and even elevated on-premise. By streamlining data from multiple sources such as ERPs, SaaS, shop floor systems, etc., you can glean insights that help you make smarter, data-based decisions.

To architect your data warehouse, we’ll start by figuring out what data needs to be prioritized. Sometimes that means cleaning your data and normalizing your fields to streamline reporting. Other times, it means building a master data management plan and adding in previously uncollected data. The best part of data warehousing is that no matter what systems you use in the future, they can be integrated to keep your reporting consistent. With modern data warehousing, it’s easier than ever to engineer how data is received, reviewed, and interpreted.

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