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Why Celigo and Hammer Dev?

In order to provide a best of breed platform for integration of business systems and cloud platforms, Hammer Dev has partnered with Celigo. Celigo allows us to deliver superior customer experiences for our clients by ensuring that every process can be automated from a single platform.

Celigo’s business logic was developed using best practice learnings from thousands of customer deployments and tens of thousands of implemented processes. Using a single, pre-built integration, Celigo can automate business processes across multiple cloud applications, offering greater agility and efficiency.

Its pre-built business process automations offer a cost-effective and secure way for Weidenhammer to integrate ecommerce platforms to ERPs or custom applications and out-of-the-box platforms for our users. With Celigo’s built-in ability to connect and automate processes across applications, the partnership will amplify the value Weidenhammer can deliver to clients.