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RPA (robotic process automation) has emerged as a leading-edge vehicle for organizations to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. RPA is an affordable way for businesses to drive manual, time-consuming processes out of their operation, enabling them to become more strategic, nimble, and scalable at the same time.

Watch our on-demand webinar for a dive into the world of RPA where our experts answer all your questions and take you through a live demo of an RPA in action. After watching this webinar you will walk away with:

  • What is RPA? | Still unsure of exactly what RPA is? No worries, we have you covered.
  • Why should I care? | Examining how RPA can drive efficiency and reduce cost while improving data integrity and reportability.
  • Live example | See the magic happen: We will take you from A to B in a live session while we automate a manual process before your eyes.
  • RPA landscape | Overview of the most common automation adoption models and a look at the RPA platform provider landscape.

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