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Streamlining Data with IPaaS

The Benecon Group is an employee benefits and consulting company, providing actuarial, wellness, and compliance services for employers. Benecon also develops and administers health insurance cooperatives for the public sector, including counties, school districts, townships, boroughs, and other local government units. For more than a decade, Benecon Group has been a customer of Weidenhammer brands, Hammer Dev and Hammer Tech.  Over the years, Weidenhammer has provided Benecon with technology solutions geared towards improving productivity, scalability, efficiency, and customer experience. 

The Benecon Group


Like most modern organizations, Benecon makes use of many different applications in their everyday operations. In Benecon’s case, off-the-shelf applications are often cobbled together to fit the needs of a unique business model in the insurance space. However, because of this cobbling together of necessary functionalities, the organization has key parts of their workflow and data in different places in their software ecosystem. Having critical information fragmented across their portfolio of digital tools, the Benecon team often had to rely on manual data entry and workflow management when the organization needed to report on data that gets housed in multiple source system applications.

This challenge was particularly evident when generating enterprise reports based on information in two key applications: BEDS and NetSuite. BEDS, a proprietary software solution, generates granular reports on benefits utilization for group enrollees and streamlines the invoicing process. NetSuite is Benecon’s ERP solution.


Hammer Dev and Benecon agreed that Benecon Group would benefit from implementing Celigo. Celigo is an iPaaS solution, which offers a cloud-native integration platform providing the benefits of SaaS and an extensive library of existing connectors. By taking advantage of Celigo, organizations become more scalable and efficient, while also becoming less reliant on technical skillsets to drive and maintain integrations. By connecting NetSuite and BEDS via Celigo, Benecon was able to combine the data housed in each system, providing significant gains in productivity, reliability, and enhanced reporting.


Through the implementation of Celigo, Benecon Group has become more productive and efficient. Since connecting NetSuite and BEDS, Benecon has initiated several projects continuing to build out Celigo as its central integration layer for all company applications. This will drive organizational scalability and agility. With Celigo serving as the corporate iPaaS, rewriting integrations in the future will much less cumbersome for Benecon as its application ecosystem evolves over time. Additionally, Celigo has democratized management of the integration layer, making it available to those without a developer skillset.