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Enhancing Communications with Sharepoint

For more than 50 years, Ateeco has been manufacturing Mrs. T’s® pierogies for consumer and enterprise customers alike. Over 12.4 million pierogies in 14 different varieties are made and shipped from Ateeco’s kitchens on a weekly basis, totaling over half a billion a year. With sizes ranging from 12 to 72, Ateeco prides itself on being able to deliver Mrs. T’s® pierogies to customers whether they’re small families looking for a weekday dinner in Shenandoah PA or Seattle Washington, or they’re a large, overseas U.S. Military Commissary providing them to members of the armed forces.


Whenever an organization grows large enough, creating an effective internal communication infrastructure becomes critical to ensure smooth, consistent service is provided to customers. Even when an organization is based in a single location like Ateeco in Shenandoah PA, having infrastructure that enables companies to share news, highlight policy changes, and make other key announcements in a centralized area is key to allowing all employees to have a share in their company’s core vision.

Ateeco struggled to find a solution that facilitated the quality internal communication they were looking to develop. They eventually chose Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online and embarked on a company-wide deployment. Although they successfully provisioned SharePoint, they had not achieved the enthusiastic adoption they had hoped for.


Although Ateeco was pleased with the Microsoft 365 solution, they felt a better application of the technology would give them the widely adopted portal they sought.   

The Hammer Dev team collaborated with Ateeco’s IT, HR, and Marketing departments to develop a cohesive vision for the intranet, create an effective information architecture, and build out the basic portal while developing skills of key Ateeco knowledge managers so they could build out specific informative content targeted to the entire organization.


With the help of the Hammer Dev team, Ateeco successfully built out a widely adopted and highly effective communication platform starting with IT, HR, and Marketing departments and growing to include other areas of the business including sales and administration.  Ateeco even created a Launch Day event to generate excitement and introduce the new platform to the entire employee community.

Following the formal launch of the intranet portal, every member of Ateeco’s staff – from the plant floor workers to the executive suite – could securely access news, events, and other information relevant to the employee community on demand from their desktops or mobile devices whenever they needed to. Key stakeholders can now provide frequent updates and ensure the entire company can share in the achievement of Ateeco’s goals.

We were early adopters of SharePoint tools and knew it was the right way to get information out to our organization, but we couldn’t quite get the adoption we were anticipating. With Hammer-Dev’s guidance we have realized our goal of creating an impactful communication Hub that our key owners of information can easily use to communicate with everyone from the plant floor to the C-suite.

Tim Coyle, Director of Information Systems & Technology